Hair pulling disease, a disease that people are not aware of

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People deal with stress or anxiety in different ways. Many people find things to do and talk with close friends to relieve their stressful moods. But some people may have a habit of hair pulling or body hair to relieve stress. This is consider abnormal behavior that should be treat.

Some people may have a habit of using their fingers to curl or tangle their hair (Hair Twirling), which may come from boredom. and stress But it is not yet classified as a disease of concern. But those who have symptoms of disease (Trichotillomania) often has the habit of wanting to pull or pluck hair and hairs on various organs of the body, such as eyebrows or eyelashes. This may be done unconsciously or consciously but you cannot stop doing it. In this สมัคร ufabet we have collect information about hair pulling diseases that should be treat.

Hair pulling disease (Trichotillomania) is a disease related to the mental state. That causes patients to have obsessive-compulsive disorder and be unable to control themselves. It is often found among teenagers from the age of 10-17 years. Among adults, it is the group who have had chronic symptoms since adolescence and have not received treatment. Moreover, this disease is more often found in women than in men.

The patient will feel comfortable and relaxed when they pull the hair. Or fur in the same area repeatedly throughout the day. And if done continuously for a long time, the hair may fall out in patches. And eventually baldness which is the characteristic of this disease of pulling your own hair. But it also includes repeating the same behavior and being unable to control yourself. Such as pulling hair from other parts of the body, picking at the skin, biting your nails. Or even eating the hair that was pull out. This can cause gastrointestinal problems later on as well.

Symptoms of hair pulling disease can be divide into 2 types.

Pull your hair consciously: It involves pulling hair that the patient intends to pull out of scalp discomfort. Feelings of dissatisfaction with your own hair or some emotional state. That makes you feel more comfortable or relieved when you pull your own hair. And once you’ve pulled it, you won’t be able to hold back your hand.

Pulling hair without realizing it: The person who unconsciously pulled me Often done at unplanned times or floating around with certain thoughts. And emotions Including while doing relaxing activities such as reading, watching television, etc. People with the disease pull their own hair in this way. You must rely on those around you to help observe and warn you.

How to treat hair pulling disease yourself

Treating hair pulling disease It will be a behavioral adjustment. Also known as Habit Reversal Training (HRT), this is a treatment that involves making the patient aware that they are pulling their hair. Because some patients are often not aware and do not admit that they have this disease. to the point of refusing to cooperate with treatment. The psychological method that the doctor chooses to use will be at the doctor’s discretion. and appropriateness of each person.